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Property Inspections

Properties of PLuSS members, like properties of non-PLuSS members, may be inspected by the Council’s Housing Team. If you are contacted by them seeking to inspect one or more of your properties, you should of course cooperate and it is probably a good idea to attend the inspection with them if possible.

They will write to you afterwards if they have identified any hazards. These may be Category 1 (dangerous – urgent action required) or Category 2 (lesser cause for concern). You will be given a timetable (normally 21 days for Category 1 hazards) to comply or at least to develop a credible plan for compliance (for instance in a case of damp: to make arrangements and book a date for installation of a DPC).

If the Council are not clear at the end of this period that the problem is being resolved (usually as confirmed by the tenant) then they will pass details to PLuSS and we will contact to see if we can help you sort it out (you can also approach PLuSS earlier if you like). If no progress has been made after another 7 days then the Council will proceed with formal action against you.