Private Landlords Supporting Stockton

PLuSS is an association run by landlords and agents in Stockton-on-Tees together with Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

Our aim is to ensure all private rented properties in the Borough are well managed and of high quality and to do this by working together, raising standards by helping one another. We are playing our part in tackling anti-social behaviour and crime in our communities, helping tenants and other residents.

Read about us on the Council’s website, in The Northern Echo and the RLA’s Residential Property Investor.

The Alternative?

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council writes (October 2019) [for full text click on the letter]:

[We] are now working in partnership with a group of landlords who have come together to form Private Landlords Supporting Stockton (PLuSS)… [But] for landlords and agents who do not choose to join PLuSS and work cooperatively with the Council, we are taking a targeted approach to drive up standards.

Non-members should expect to have their properties inspected and assessed by an officer from the Council’s Private Sector Housing team… Should such an inspection and assessment reveal unacceptable conditions then the Council will take appropriate enforcement action including serving Notices. When Notices are served the Council will charge the landlord or agent for expenses incurred, for the time taken to undertake the inspection and assess the property and for the preparation and service of the Notices…

… and the Council have recruited staff specifically to target non-PLuSS-member properties.

If you have rental properties in Stockton-on-Tees, especially in the PLuSS Priority Areas, and you choose not to join PLuSS…

… you have been warned!

… or apply to join PLuSS by clicking here

The Committee

Questions or Concerns? We are the PLuSS Committee and can each be contacted by email by clicking on the appropriate image or text below.

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