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Time is short! To prevent the Council going back to Selective Licensing we need landlords and agents to sign up now. Please don’t delay! If you have properties in the PLuSS Priority Areas, or you are an agent, or you have a close relative who has already joined and paid, you have an option to join for free – see below.

At the bottom of this page are application buttons – please scroll down. PLuSS welcomes applications from landlords or letting agents, or anyone involved in the Private Rented Sector. Our focus is on the borough of Stockton-on-Tees and especially on the PLuSS Priority Areas of Central Stockton-on-Tees and North Thornaby.


The Alternative?

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council writes (October 2019) [for full text click on the letter]:

[We] are now working in partnership with a group of landlords who have come together to form Private Landlords Supporting Stockton (PLuSS)… [But] for landlords and agents who do not choose to join PLuSS and work cooperatively with the Council, we are taking a targeted approach to drive up standards.

Non-members should expect to have their properties inspected and assessed by an officer from the Council’s Private Sector Housing team… Should such an inspection and assessment reveal unacceptable conditions then the Council will take appropriate enforcement action including serving Notices. When Notices are served the Council will charge the landlord or agent for expenses incurred, for the time taken to undertake the inspection and assess the property and for the preparation and service of the Notices…

… and the Council have recruited staff specifically to target non-PLuSS-member properties.

If you have rental properties in Stockton-on-Tees, especially in the PLuSS Priority Areas, and you choose not to join PLuSS… you have been warned!

… or apply to join PLuSS – links below

We are a voluntary non-profit association developed by local landlords and agents together with Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council as an alternative to Selective Licensing. Being a member brings benefits – and some obligations:

Benefits for PLuSS members


Council Cooperation

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council will work cooperatively with PLuSS members – but for non-members, especially those with properties in the PLuSS priority areas, their approach will be a formal one with a greatly-increased inspection regime. Which would you prefer?

Mark of Quality

As a PLuSS member you will be listed here – a mark of quality. You have the right to show the PLuSS member logo on your own website and stationery. You can obtain PLuSS window stickers to put in your properties. This all burnishes your credentials.

Discounted Waste Collection

Full Members can use Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s waste disposal services at special rates, which can quickly save more than the PLuSS membership fee:
House clearance @ £80
Bulky waste (up to 6 items) @ £15

The PLuSS Website

For registered members this website will provide additional facilities and information such as legal updates and templates for documents. We also run a special mutual free tenant referencing service.

Meetings & Training

PLuSS has member meetings and will provide training opportunities – they provide a great chance to meet other local landords and exchange and learn best practice.

Discounted Insurance & Supplies

We are negotiating special rates for property insurance and from some local suppliers for members – watch this space!

Obligations of PLuSS Members

  • Join up here (see below), including declaring yourself to be a ‘fit and proper person’
  • Pay the joining fee and the annual subscription – or choose a free membership if you qualify for it
  • Provide details of any properties you own in the PLuSS Priority Areas to Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
  • Abide by the PLuSS Code of Conduct

How hard is that?

PLuSS Pricing

Great value – full membership for a joining fee of £75 and annual fee of £25. Or…

Are you a Landlord? You can join for free:
– if you have an immediate family member (spouse/child/parent – or connected company) who has already joined PLuSS & paid; or
– if you own one or more rental properties in the PLuSS Priority Areas and you choose a limited membership

Are you an Agent? It’s free to join as a full member if you manage, but do not own, properties in the PLuSS Priority Areas

Full £25/year

plus £75 one-off joining fee

Council Cooperation
Special Rubbish Removal Rates
Meetings & Training
Apply now
Relatives Free


Full membership if an immediate family member (spouse / child / parent / connected company) has already joined & paid
Apply now
Letting Agents FREE


Full membership if you are a Managing or Letting Agent that manages but does not own properties in the PLuSS Priority Areas
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Limited FREE


Free but limited membership – only if you own rental properties in the PLuSS Priority Areas
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