PLuSS Approved Members

Dominic Ferard
dominic -at-
representing: Stockton Flats
Peter Byrne
peter -at-
representing: Leinster Property
Naz Ahmed
teessidecars -at-
representing: Teesside Property Services
Rupert Ferard
rupert -at-
representing: Stockton Flats
Sally Ferard
sally -at-
representing: Stockton Flats
Winkfield Properties Ltd
winkfield -at-
representing: Stockton Flats
Ascot Place Properties Ltd
ascot -at-
representing: Stockton Flats
Hina Safdar
info -at-
representing: Kings Sales & Letting Agents
Rodney Townson
rod.townson -at-
Andrew Brown
brownandy777 -at-
representing: AKB Management Limited
Alex Hayward
alex -at-
Ian Gadd
ianpgadd -at-
Sharon Crosby Browne
sharon.crosbybrowne -at-
Sharon Beitler
sharon -at-
representing: Indigo Property Partners Ltd
Stanley Chapman
stanleyjchapman -at-
representing: S & PC Chapman
Jeremy O'Connor
jeremy -at-
representing: Azendiv Limited
Peter Broome
peter.broome -at-
representing: Python Properties
Paul Rogers
ts.lettings -at-
representing: Reeds Rains
Ranjit Singh
ranjitlsk -at-
representing: LSK Properties
Kresten Palm
kresten.palm -at-
representing: Oasis Property Management (NE) Ltd
Richard Cooper
naoko -at-
representing: X-Ways Property Limited
Graham Shenton
gdshenton -at-
Trevor_and_Patricia Black
pat.black2017 -at-
representing: JT and PA Black
Gordon Howes
gordon.howes1 -at-
Kerys Sutton
bee.properties18 -at-
representing: Bee Property Solutions LTD
Shaun Shafiq
premierhomes2let -at-
representing: Shaf Properties Ltd
Mohammed Shafiq
info -at-
representing: RMS Investments (B'ham) Ltd
Paul Summers
paulsummers -at-
Faisal Riaz
info -at-
Alim Juma
Alim5.juma -at-
representing: Juma Corporation Ltd
Arbaaz Mughal
arbaazmughal -at-
representing: S&A Properties LTD
Yaqub Mughal
yaqubmughal -at-
Dean Lethaby
deanlethaby -at-
Garry Swainston
linda_swainston -at-
Mohan Thind
info -at-
representing: MS Propertes
Jim Eastwood
info -at-
representing: JPE Developments
Richard Marsh
richardmarsh -at-
representing: Richard Marsh
Philip Thompson
teessideproperties -at-
representing: Teesside Properties (2) Limited
Mark Leck
mark.leck -at-
representing: Easy Let Properties
Malcolm Rogers
m.rogers686 -at-
representing: Thornaby DIY
Jack Stiff
jackstiff75 -at-
Nigel Fick
nigel.fick -at-
representing: Jomast Accommodation Limited
Denise Wilkinson
wilkeeden -at-
Paul Smith
Paul.smithps578 -at-
Stephen Cooper
stephen -at-
representing: Steve & Julia's Properties Ltd
James Byrne
jbyrneproperty -at-
Shneur Kramer
info -at-
representing: Braham Capital Ltd
Kevin Poulton
knpol -at-
Bernard Salmon
bernie.jps -at-
representing: B & T Properties
Imran Shazid
imranshazid875 -at-
representing: TS Properties
Craig_and_Tracey Murray
mez.murray -at-
Garry Rawlinson
garry.rawlinson -at-
representing: Homecare UK Ltd
Lewis Crompton
cromptonbuck -at-
representing: Crompton Buck Investments LTD
Catherine Bolton
mobolton7 -at-
Claire Dixon
info -at-
representing: Mullen Properties
Charles Packer
jeanpacker -at-
Graham Edwards
gedwards50 -at-
Abdul Ali
taslimandco -at-
representing: Leinster Property
Charles Bond
charlesrbond -at-
representing: CR Bond Properties
Nick Meagor
nick -at-
Lorraine_and_Mark Walters
lorraine-walters -at-
representing: L & M Walters
Arif Nawab
arifnawab -at-
Ghulam Sarwar
gsarwar1928 -at-
Gavin Benjamin
gavinbenjamin -at-
Deborah_and_Christopher Snowdon
deborahasnowdon -at-
Chris Snowdon
chrisasnowdon -at-
representing: Chris Snowdon
Richard_and_Lynne Cardwell
richard_cardwell -at-
Khalid Hussain
kingbaz786 -at-
Merhbaan Hussain
israr.hussain786 -at-
Satinder Sangha
dsangha170 -at-
representing: Sangha Properties
David Dickinson
djdickinson -at-
Kollins Rock
rockkollins -at-
Jonathan Yardley
jonathan.yardley -at-
representing: The Letting Group
Irfan Hussein
irfan-71 -at-
Matthew Thompson
smkresidential -at-
representing: SMK
Shokat Ali
nigel_75 -at-
Liaquat Ali
lali-apple-id -at-
Malachai Armstrong
max -at-
representing: North East Property Lettings & Management Ltd
Kirsty Goodale
redmonkey.g -at-
Vicky Wennington
Vwetherill -at-
Carol Gilbert
carolgilbert31 -at-
representing: Tony Gilbert

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