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PLuSS Priority Areas

The PLuSS Priority Areas are Central Stockton-on-Tees and North Thornaby
– for more detail see below in maps and street lists.

They form part of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s wider Targeted Action Areas for renewal and environmental improvement. Private Rented Sector properties in these areas are particularly likely to be inspected by Council officers. If you are a PLuSS member, these inspections will be light-touch, if not they will be more aggressive…

Central Stockton-on-Tees Map

North Thornaby Map

Central Stockton-on-Tees Street List

N.B. Postcodes all begin with ‘TS18 1’, ‘TS18 3’ or ‘TS18 4’

Bakery Street
Bluebell Crescent
Bowesfield Lane 1-13, 19A – 55, 2-40
Bramley Parade
Bute Street
California Close
Carr Street
Childeray Street 12-16
Cranbourne Terrace
Dennison Street 3-33
Dixon Street
Dovecot Street 62-134, 87-119
Edwards Street
Eggleston Terrace
Eleanor Place
Ewbank Drive Odds 9 to 43
Fagg Street
Grove Street
Hartington Road
Hope Street
Lavender Close
Lawrence Street
Leybourne Terrace
Lightfoot Grove 11-14
Manfield Street
Mary Street
Melbourne Street
Middleton Walk Odds 1 to 17 and 31 to 49
Norfolk Street
Northcote Street Evens 2-72
Outram Street
Oxbridge Lane 19-81
Palmerston Street
Park Road
Park View
Parliament Street 1-7
Petch Street
Poplar Grove
Richardson Road (Richard Hind Caretakers House)
Roker Terrace 1-9
Rose Street
Russell Street
Scarth Walk
Shaftsbury Street
Sheraton Street 47,87-89
Skinner Street 91-99
Snowdrop Place
Spring Street 1-23
Springholme 1-5
St Bernard Road
St Peters Road 40
Suffolk Street
Sydney Street 42-60
Tarring Street
The Groves
Tulip Close
Varo Terrace
Villa Terrace
Walter Street
Wellington Walk 1-15
Westbourne Street
Whitwell Close
Woodland Street
Wren Street 53-93 and 58-102
Yarm Lane 27-71, 46-116
Yarm Road 1-93, 54-88

North Thornaby Street List

N.B. Postcodes all begin with ‘TS17 6’, ‘TS17 7’ or ‘TS17 8’

Cambridge Road
Camelon Street
Cheltenham Avenue
Cobden Street
Cranworth Green
Cranworth Street
Cromwell Terrace
Derby Close
Derby Terrace
Dorothy Terrace
Easton Street
Eldon Street
Eldon Walk
Elizabeth Street
Ellerburne Street
Eric Avenue
Falkirk Street
Gilmour Street 100 to 116
Grange Road
Havelock Street
Henley Grove
Heslop Street
Imperial Avenue (Langley House)
Lanehouse Road Odds 1 to 113
Langley Avenue Odds 1 to 61 and Evens 2 to 76
Mansfield Avenue Odds 21 to 115 and Evens 24 to 136
Oxford Road
Peel Street Odds 45 to 73 and Evens 10 to 42
Roseberry View
Salisbury Street
Scarborough Street
St Paul’s Road
Stainsby Street
Stranton Street
Teesdale Terrace
Victoria Road Evens 2 to 80
Westbury Street Odds 41 to 171 and Evens 82 to 196

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